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How does Millions make money?
How does Millions make money?
Giving away tens of thousands of dollars isn't cheap, but we figured out how to do it sustainability.
Written by Isaac from Millions
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We receive hundreds of queries every day asking about we're able to give away so much money. The answer is simple, and before you ask, no we didn't rob a bank.

Every time you swipe a debit or credit card the store pays a merchant fee to Visa, Mastercard, or whoever issues your card. This fee covers the costs associated with accepting debit and credit cards, and is split between the card issuer and the affiliated bank.

This is how Millions makes money. Whenever you use your Millions Visa Card, we receive a tiny portion of the value spent. It really is tiny, like a handful of cents on your $10 Starbucks purchase - referred to as interchange. This costs you nothing, but it allows us to generate revenue. We pool the revenue together and turn it into opportunities for you to win with the Millions Card.

To start winning with every swipe, head to to get your very own Millions Visa Card.

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